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Whatever happened to Adrienne Browne-Fawley…

Adrienne entered her house very late that afternoon. It’d been a tough day. Ha! she thought to herself, who was she kidding, it’d been a crappy day.

She lived in a quite big house on the other side of town. It was land her family had owned for generations. Young Adrienne was very well off, and it took a maid for her to keep her house in order, and a garter to keep the estate looking up to standards.

Her maid, Sarah, came to greet her and took her coat.

Adrienne said “I’d like a hot bath now, and a glass of champagne”.

Sarah looked stone faced and didn’t react or answer.

“Oh Sarah, come on, I’ve had a terrible day. Can’t we skip this? I am the Lady of the House”.

Sarah remained silent.

“Oh for god’s sake”

The desperation was clearly on display in Adrienne’s face.

“I won’t stand for this. This is absurd. I’m your Mistress!”

No reaction what so ever.

Ms. Adrienne Browne-Fawley sighed.

Then she undid her skirt and let it drop. She stepped out of it. She peeled down her tights. Then she blushed and pulled down her panties. She was now in her business suit, sans bottoms. Everything else was the perfect display of upper class elegance.

Adrienne picked up her discarded clothes and Sarah came to life.

“Hello Miss Adrienne. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad day. Please come in”.

Blushing, Adrienne followed her maid.

“Sarah, we need to talk about this….”

Her maid didn’t even bother to turn her head

“It’s really simple, Miss, I do my chores and keep this place clean. But I can only see and hear you when your bottom is bare. You know that”.

“But … but… I’m the Lady of the House!”

“Yes you are, Miss. And you remain bottomless when at home”.

Adrienne gave up. She headed for the bathroom.
“Can you please bring me a glass of Champagne, Sarah? Next to the tub, please. I’ll go have a bath”.

Sarah bit her lip.

“I’m so sorry Miss, but no Miss. You need to do your exercises first. Remember how important it is to stay fit and firm Miss”. I’ve put out your training kit in the fitness study”.

Adrienne cursed her maid and cursed herself for not being able to put her in her place.

“Eh… right”.

With her left hand trying to keep her Ladyships’ Ladyship a bit private, she rushed trough the big house and found a sports bra, tank top, a hairband, socks and trainers waiting for her there. She felt that life was unfair.

An hour later a very sweaty Adrienne returned upstairs. She passed her bedroom. The bed was done up neatly and she could… blush… there was her favourite vibrator and her dildo on display on the bedside table. She felt a warm feeling from between her legs.

She headed for the bathroom, looking forward to a long, soothing bath.

Sarah greeted her as she passed by the main sitting room.

“Hello Miss, how was working out?”

“It was great, but I already did my exercise today, Sarah. It’s been a bad day. Now, I’m going to have a long bath and ..”

Sarah looked concerned.

“I’m afraid not, Miss. I’m very sorry”.

Adrienne looked perplexed

“And why not?”

Sarah looked her in the eyes

“Because you’ll have a shower now, Your Ladyship. Please, I’d hate for it to be a cold shower”.

Adrienne blushed, turned on her heels and went and had a shower. After a few minutes the door to her private bathroom went and Sarah came in.

“Here are some fresh clothes, Miss Adrienne”.

She took a good look at her Mistress, who was visible in all her glory in the shower.

“I do trust you’re just giving yourself a good rinse, Your Ladyship. Behaviour like that could see you lose your bathroom. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you had to use the staff bathroom?”

Adrienne lost her temper

“Sarah, it’s not your business what I do in my own bathroom! For your information I was about to shave my legs. All the way up. But that’s beside the point. I can do what I want. Now GET OUT!”.

Sarah looked disappointed.

“Your Ladyship, such bad manners” she said quietly.

Then she walked to the shower and turned it off.

Poor Adrienne blushed with shame.

“Out Miss. I mean it. You can rinse in the staff bathroom. Which is all you’ll be using from now on. Do shave your legs, but only the parts that will be visible under your skirts. Nothing else. Out! Now, your Ladyship”.

Blushing, and soapy, Adrienne ran out of the bathroom, and downstairs, hands clutched over her female parts, to the staff bathroom in the basement. There she went into the shower, shaking from the cold, and turned it back on. She was humiliated beyond her wildest dreams. Slowly she began shaving her legs, making sure she never even got close to the stubble that was visible around her crotch area.

If only Sarah misused her power, or took her things, she thought. But she didn’t. She just… took them. Not for herself. Just took them away from her.

As she came out, she found that Sarah had brought her clothes.

Stockings, heels, jewellery, a blouse, a bra. Everything a lady of the modern age could want, apart from something that covered the essentials.

She blushed again as she began heading up the stairs.

Her maid was cleaning up the bathroom.

“Sorry Sarah, but… can’t I please have panties? Just panties, please?”

Her maid looked at her

“Alright, alright”

Adrienne sighed

“But please, let me back into my bedroom. I’m tired of sleeping on the couch. And leaving my vibrators in plain sight is cruel”

Adrienne swore she could see her maid giggle, but she managed to keep a straight face.

“I’m very sorry, Miss, but no. You may not enter that room. May I remind your Ladyship to be happy with the couch. You have tried the basket”.

Sarah pointed to a large dog’s basked on the floor in the corner.

As Sarah innocently pulled up a slim dog’s collar from her pocket, her Mistress went pale.

This time Sarah did giggle, as she slipped the collar back out of sight.

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Chapter 11

Oliver was very impressed by Carmen. He was shy, but he occasionally found the courage to ask ladies out on a date. However, this was just so different. He thought it over for a second. Perhaps this was the perfect date because it was so far from perfect in all the strange conversations but nonetheless it felt so much more real.

Carmen chatted along happily

“… and you see, my cousin’s boyfriend got the wrong suitcase and that’s why I kinda ended up going out… eh.. but anyway things have just gone from strange to surreal all week. Have you ever experienced…”


Damn phone! Carmen looked at it. She didn’t recognize the number, but at least it wasn’t her mum, which was something.


“Hello, am I talking to … Carmen?”

Despite the surrealism of the week, Carmen could not deny that.

“Yes, I’m Carmen, Ms….?”

“Hello Carmen. My name is Adrienne. I’m calling about your house”.

Carmen’s heart skipped a beat. This was more terrible news, she was sure of it.

“Yes, what about it?”

“Oh, well, we have done some calculations, and … well, at first it seemed that we were running low on manpower …I mean… the materials were … delayed.. and  that we would not have be able to have your house finished on time”.

I knew it! Carmen thought to herself. Her throat went dry and she could barely say

“Oh, I… I mean… I’m sure that there’s something in the contract…”

“Yes, exactly Carmen, but we do want happy costumers…”

And to keep their mums happy too, Adrienne thought to herself. Her bottom still hurt badly.

“…so I’ve made some calls… and as things stand we’re actually able to have your house finished in just two weeks from now. How does that sound?”

Carmen almost dropped the phone. Had her luck changed? There had to be a ‘but’.

She asked

“Right, Adrienne, that sounds lovely. Thank you very much. I’m sorry, but is there a ‘but’?”

Adrienne wasn’t able to appreciate the irony in the situation. There very much was a butt and it was on fire.

“No, Carmen, no but’s. Your house will be ready for you to move in to in just two weeks. No ifs and buts”.

Suddenly the clouds lifted and Carmen could see blue sky again

“That’s great news, thanks ever so much for your efforts Adrienne. Thanks for calling”.

“You’re very welcome, Carmen, I wish you a pleasant day. Bye bye”

“Bye” Carmen said and hung up. She turned to Oliver, who was a big, human “?” and told him what had happened.

“Oh that’s cool, I’m happy for you” he said, smiling.

“Where’s this new house of yours placed, exactly?”

Carmen winked “You drove here, right? Wanna drive by and take a look?”

Oliver smiled “Sure, let’s go check out your new castle”

The happy couple sped off in the direction of Oliver’s car.

This time it was Anna’s jaw that dropped. The taxi trip had been quite uneventful, but expectation of what was to come had filled the car with an almost palpable sexual tension. When the taxi came to a stop outside a quite, let’s be frank, battered, old building and not the 4 star hotel of Anna’s imagination, she was quite shocked.

When they got out, she noticed a sign saying “Youth Hostel” by the door. She looked at Luke, who seemed as perplexed as her. They went inside.

The place was in a sorry state. It was old, and not too clean. An old woman was sitting behind an equally old desk.

Luke went up to her and showed her the paperwork he had brought with him. The woman nodded, smiled and gave him an old key. Anne looked on in dismay. That key could have fitted the Bastille. Wasn’t that in France? Never mind, it looked out of date. And if things didn’t get very much better very soon, so would Luke.

Things didn’t get better.

Anna was called over by the woman, and was presented with another key. She looked puzzled and tried to explain that they were in the same room. The woman shook her head.

“No no, we don’t do rooms, Ms. We only do dorms. One for men and one for woman. Simple. So you sleep with the men over there and you with the women there”.

She pointed in two different directions. Anna looked at Luke with eyes that should have petrified him on the spot. He noted and said “Let’s check it out, alright?” and left in a hurry towards the dorm he had been placed in.

Anna looked for her suitcase.

It wasn’t there.

Instead, there was another suitcase. How peculiar!

As it was the only suitcase and given that she was in a state of shock, she just took the case and entered the dorm.

It was apocalyptic. Noisy, smelly and bunk beds. Bunk beds! As if!? And no privacy at all.

Anna remembered her outfit, or lack of, and decided that a change of clothes might be step one in terms of rescuing the holiday. She sat down on her bed, ignored a group of teenage girls in the other end of the room, and opened the suitcase.

It was filled with lingerie. Nothing but underwear. Much to her surprise, none of it was her underwear. Slowly her brain kicked back into first gear and she began to be able to piece together a possible chain of events. This included Luke getting the wrong suitcase from her Auntie and him bringing the wrong suitcase, to the wrong hotel, which he had mistakenly ordered…. Anna decided here and there that as much of a … a stud… Luke was, and he was, he was completely braindead and she’d have to leave him before he’d kill her by mistake. She checked out the underwear. It was Carmen’s no doubt, and too large for her. It wouldn’t fit her. That meant she’d have to try and get some clothes before finding another hotel.

Anna got up, left the suitcase, and went back to the lobby. The old woman was still behind her desk.


Anna tried to be polite.

“This … there’s been a mistake. I have to pay now, and then leave. I’m sorry for the inconvenience”

The woman sighed

“Certainly Ms. You pay with card?”

Anna nodded and found her VISA card

The woman found a very old credit card machine, which Anna suspected would need steam to run. After a few curses and a hard bang on the table, the thing came to life. Anna handed over her card and the woman punched in a few numbers. She gave the thing back to Anna, who typed in her pin.

A sound, much like a submarine submerging from a pool of lava, came from the machine. With sheer terror Anna watched her VISA card melt in front of her eyes and create a little pool of burned plastic on the table.

The woman shrugged

“Third time this week. Boyfriend can pay, no?”

Anna nodded. Yes, damn right he could. But where would she get money and clothes from now?

With tears in her eyes she ran out the door wearing nothing but her trainers and a coat.

The woman, blissfully unaware of this fact, put away the ancient piece of machinery, and pulled out a brand new version of the machine. She hated those ‘this isn’t fancy enough for me’ brats. Taught her a lesson, that. As well as the other two. Serves ‘em right!

It was a bit dark when they arrived at Carmen’s new house. Oliver was really amazed. This was great! Not huge but big enough and location was great.

“Yes” Carmen said proudly “It’s a pity we can’t go in or I’d show you the view”.

Oliver got out of the car.

“You don’t have keys?” He asked, as Carmen joined him outside the front door

“I do have a set, actually, but it’s not safe….”

“Oh come on, we’ll be careful” Oliver was feeling adventurous.

Reluctantly, Carmen found the keys in her purse, and unlocked the door. They stepped inside.

The electricity seemed to have been switched off, but Carmen knew her way around, and she led Oliver upstairs. Now she had caught on to the excitement of being in a place that was a bit illegal and it was dark and she was with a man… all in all, quite exciting. She decided to show Oliver the view from her bedroom. The very idea of having him in her bedroom excited her somehow, although the bedroom was not recognizable as such, apart from the large, build in wardrobes.

“See, to the right there’s going to be a lounge, and the TV there… then an office here… and a bathroom here… and see… here’s the bedroom going to be”.

They entered the room, which was almost, but not quite finished. The view towards the woods to the south was breathtaking, even in the twilight. They could see a lake, and hills and it was all very romantic.

Romantic enough to Oliver to take Carmen’s hand and squeeze it.

“This is such a … wow… it’s an amazing view. You’re so lucky. Can I come and see it when it’s done…?”

It dawned on him that he had just asked if he could enter her bedroom again and he blushed.

“I mean……”

Carmen turned and kissed him again.

“You can see the house and I’d say that there are … uhh…”

He kissed her back and she continued…

“…If you want to then you … might get to enjoy the view here more frequently”

Now it was Carmen who blushed.

“I mean, from the window… ehm…”

Oliver hugged her, and they kissed again.

Carmen had noted that it was getting quite late, and she didn’t want to get home late. It was getting   real dark soon.

Oliver took her hand as they went back towards the staircase. Having just stared out the window they were blind as moles as the giggling felt their way back towards the landing.

Carmen led the way, and Oliver followed. He could hear her, smell her and she was even close enough for him to sense the heath of her body. He was losing focus a bit.

Perhaps that’s why he was a second too slow to react when Carmen went


…and tumbled to one side.

She had found the staircase!

Oliver did his best Kong Fu Panda impression and thew himself after his date. His hand missed her leg my a millimetre, but he managed to catch her dress.

This helped break her fall, and no doubt prevented serious injury to the Head of Development.

But short term she was more conscious about how her date seemed to rip her dress clean off her body, while she continued down her new staircase on her bottom going

”ououououououououououch” as she finally reach the floor

Carmen was about to cry. This had hurt so much. Her bottom was stinging from sliding down the unfinished staircase. Her panties was yanked up. But again, she was humiliated and this time in front of her crush. Thank got it was dark as night down where she was.

Oliver came darting down the stairs.

“Carmen, say something… are you alright?”

He couldn’t see a thing, but he heard her sob and figured speed was not as essential as tact in this case.

“Do I.. eh… if I throw down your… dress… then I’ll… stay here while you…”

Carmen got up. Her legs were shaking. First thing was to unpick her panties.

“Sorry, Oliver, I’m… I’m just having a bad week, ok? Please… just throw my dress back down here, then I’ll let you know … eh… when you can…”

Oliver got it

“Sure, I understand. Here”

He let the dress fall down. Carmen caught it and tried to put it on. It was torn at the top seems.

“Uhm Oliver? Can you… it’s the top seems… can you maybe tie them up somehow while I … hold them in place?”

Oliver was happy that Carmen wasn’t upset. It had had to be a pretty strange week for a woman to take her date tearing her dress clean off in her stride. Or maybe it was just Carmen?

The couple had a strange session of trying to tie the dress in together in the dark to allow Carmen some modesty. Her breasts rebelled against their attempts as they kept pulling the dress down, but eventually Oliver succeeded in doing up a few knots that would ensure that the garment stayed, if not where is should have been, then at least where it would cover the essentials.

Carmen was quiet as she locked the door. She knew her mum would not be happy to see her in this state. But then on the other hand, her date had been perfect. A little voice inside her head kept telling her that the humiliating was something she’d ask for now, if it was somehow to disappear, and things to go back to normal. She chose to ignore the voice.

Hand in hand they went back to the car, and less than 20 minutes later Carmen got out of the car, waved goodbye and entered the building where her mum lived.

A good 1000km away, Anna was getting more and more desperate. She had her passport and her phone, but she couldn’t get the latter to work. Luke was such as prick! How could she have fallen for him?

She had walked the best part of 15 km to the centre of town. She had tried to plead her case to a few people on the way, but no-one had taken pity on her. Anne found a pier from where she could see the ferry to the mainland leave the harbour and sail away. She’d never felt this far from home.

The she heard a voice

“Can I help you Miss?”

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New wine in new bottles

Isabella crouched behind her desk. She could hear a voice going:

“Hello? Are you there Isabella?”.

It was the secretary of her boss, and she was puzzled by her absence. Then a chill went down her spine. She heard a key turn.

The door was opened and Ms Williams looked inside. Isabella could see the older woman’s legs and shoes from her position under the desk. Then she heard the secretary mumble “they must have gone out for lunch” and she left, locking the door behind her. Isabella relaxed, but her hands were shaking. That had been too close. This had to stop, or it would end her career in a blink of an eye. She had to wait for Alice to return, and when she did, she’d tell her.

About fifteen minutes later Alice did indeed return. She locked herself in, and said in a low voice

“Isabella, are you there, are you ok?”.

It was clear that she had first had quite some fun with this, but had had second thoughts. She was out of breath, indicating that she had been wanting to get back to the office in a hurry.

Isabella got up, covering her bits.

“That took you a good, long time Alice. Now, get me my clothes and then we’ll talk. I was seconds from getting caught and you know what that would have meant”.

Alice looked quite shameful.

“S..sorry Boss, I don’t know what went into me. I’ll get them at once..” and on the way out of the door she said… “eh.. I’ll make it up to you Bella, just give me another second, alright?” and off she went.

Isabella was left naked in her office once more. It was mind-blowing for her, and her lady parts demanded attention. She was very aware that she had to hide them from Alice, because it was very explicit that said parts were enjoying the ordeal and were ready for action. Blushingly she shielded her bare pussy with her left hand, and had her right arm covering her breasts. She waited.

A good five minutes later Alice reappeared, flushed. She handed Isabella a pile of clothes, and said in a small voice

“Here, Isabella, these are … for you”.

Isabella looked puzzled, of course they were, they were her clothes. But she got the point when she looked closer, because instead of her Disney underwear there were a pair of purple lace panties and a matching bra. Isabella looked up at Alice, her eyes asking the obvious questions.

“I…. I wanted to apologize Boss, and I thought I’d… eh… make it up to you by…”

She was looking for the right words. Isabella looked at her, amused.

“…. by offering my own… underwear… as consolation… for humiliating you… and I… took… I mean.. I put … uh…yours… on”.

Alice looked down. Isabella could see that Alice’s bosom, never a mountain landscape, was indeed somewhat flattened out. “

You’re telling me that you’re wearing my underwear?”.

Alice nodded, blushing.

“My humiliating Disney cotton underwear?”.

Alice blushed even more, and nodded again.

“And you’re doing that because it turns you on too, to hand me your nice underwear and wear the childish set, right”.

Alice squirmed, this was really getting uncomfortable for her.

“Yeah… Bella, but… yeah, yes, I suppose so. You see… that guy I’ve been telling you about, he, well, it was more of a fling, he never really… so…”.

“….So you never actually got laid, did you Alice?”.

Isabella was smiling, but she didn't actually want to humiliate Alice. She liked her very much, and this was too awkward anyway. So she decided to start putting on her clothes. But Alice wouldn’t end it there.

The mousy secretary looking up, blushing all over and said

“Aren’t you going to ask the… obvious question, Isabella?”.

Her Boss paused, thinking things over. She had pulled up Alice’s purple lace panties. They were damp. The thought of wearing someone else’s used, damp underwear wasn’t appealing to her, but then again, somehow it was a turn on. At least she knew that her secretary had been excited by what had happened. She felt more confident with her private parts covered.

Alice looked at her boss as she pulled up the panties that she had just discarded. Why wouldn’t she say something? She felt stupid wearing the childish panties and bra. Well, it was hardly a bra, just a top. The panties were wet, and she felt guilty somehow, like she was prying into someone else’s business. It was an awkward feeling when she pulled up the panties and felt the cold, wet crotch against her sex. Someone else’s juices, increasingly mixed with her own. And her chest. She wasn’t that well endowed, well, only compared to her Boss, but her nice, perky (if small) C-Cups didn’t look very big once they were confined to the training bra. Why didn’t she ask?

Isabella noticed Alice looking at her, staring like a dog waiting for a biscuit. She was a strange one, she thought to herself. Very sweet, very likable. But only minutes ago she had been playing the Mistress, now she was reduced to a submissive. And she had reduced herself, it had nothing to do with her, Isabella thought. Very strange, and very awkward.

Which Alice was the real? Tables had turned. But when would they turn again? And which way around did she like things herself? So much had happened over the last day and a half that Isabella found it hard to figure out what she wanted herself. But she would play along this time too, see what happened.

So, she asked the obvious question.

“Alice, you’re not a …virgin… are you?”.

Alice felt dizzy and her mouth had somehow dried out completely when she tried to answer

“w…w…ehem…uhmm…why do you ask? I mean, It’s… eh….”

She looked bewildered.

“I… am… but…”.

Isabella giggled. This was really funny. Alice had always told her about her escapades, how many guys (and the odd girl) she had conquered during her weekends in sin, as she called them. Why the lies?

Isabella asked that very question.

“I… couldn’t … I mean, I had to keep up, and show I was… interesting, not a dull… secretary. I don’t want to live up to the stereotype. I wanted you to think of me as someone… equal, someone you could be friends with, someone to have fun with”.

Isabella looked with puzzlement at the blushing and rambling girl in front of her

“Why wouldn’t I… oh you … look, Alice, I like you, we have a great working relationship and you’re a very good friend too. My life is no more wild than your own. I’ve had lovers but most of the time I’m …”

Isabella blushed too, this was getting a little personal

“I’m …I have to … most times I have … you know… only been myself in bed… and …”

Alice seemed to get the idea so Isabella stopped there.

“Now, I’ll get dressed and then the two of us needs to a) find out what Ms Williams wanted, b) get a cup of coffee and c) find out where we go from here”.

Isabella picked up the purple bra and put it on. There were obvious anatomical problems as she was quite a few sizes short of being able to fill Alice’s bra. But with some adjustments they got it looking decently, and once again Isabella felt quite a bit more confident.

She quickly got the rest of her clothes back on, and felt very much like the woman she used to be. “Now, let’s see what Ms Williams has in store for us” she said, and the two ladies left the office, heading for Ms Williams and the Boss’ office. They did, however, make a small pitstop on the way, to adjust their appearances.

Two hours later they were back in Isabella’s office, sipping on steaming hot cups of good, Ethiopian coffee. They both felt better, though Alice was constantly aware of her borrowed underwear, and Isabella was beginning to think about how to approach Ms Johnson when coming back home.


Isabella said

“What do we do? I can’t wear your underwear back home. Ms Johnson would have a fit. And we need to decide on what we….do?”

She looked up, at Alice, who nodded.

“Well, I think… I think that I’ll have to meet Ms Johnson at some point” she said, thoughtfully.  
“But not this week. Let’s get to Friday, eh? And then we’ll see. I…” she blushed and paused.

“Go on, it’s OK”

Isabella said, smiling to her.

“I… suppose we could do this.. eh… I mean… change our underwear… every morning…?”

Alice was blushing. Isabella thought about it

“I suppose so. Alice?”.

Alice looked up

“Yes, Boss?”.

“My underpants, are they… more or less dry now compared to when you first got them?”

Isabella winked. A deep blush spread over Alice’s face.

“They were dry, Boss, I promise, but … not any more”.

Isabella giggled

“I think that settles it then, Alice. Let’s change our underwear, and see what has happened by Friday. It’s time to get home soon, and I… God yes, it’s late. I bett…” which was all she managed to say, before she was interrupted by a text message.

“What’s keeping you girl? You were told to go straight home after work. You’ve got exactly 30 minutes to get here. Otherwise I’m going to have to keep you at home tomorrow, and call you boss and tell him or her that you’re grounded”.

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Barely working

Alice turned around and went to lock the door. Then she walked back up to Isabella, who had managed to stand up, unsettled and blushing. “What” Alice said, unceremoniously pulling up Isabella’s skirt “…is that?”, pointing to her princess panties, visible under the tights. Isabella knew she’d have to explain, and so she did. She told everything, well, almost, about Ms Johnson and her own losses. Alice listened and her jaw kept dropping.

“I’m delighted for you, Isabella, it seems you’re having some fun and being naughty” she giggled.

Isabella answered

“Well, it’s … I’m not sure if I’m having fun, but I can stop it if I need to, and it’s an experience, if nothing else… hey what are you doing?”

Isabella was perplexed to feel Alice peeling of her suit jacket

“Stop that Alice…!”.

The giggling Alice, however, was not about to be stopped.

“If you find this fun, I don’t see why I should” was her logical answer.

“Besides, I want to see that bra”.

As Alice began tugging at the buttons of her blouse, Isabella began protesting more vigorously.

“We’re at work here, Alice. And besides, I’m not even sure if this is right and proper at home. Stop that, now” and she slapped Alice’s fingers away.

“Ooouch.. you’ll pay for that, Boss” Alice said, with a wink.

She gave Isabella a very hard slap to her sore bottom

“Uhh stop, not there, please” said a blushing Isabella.

“Then be a good little Boss and stand still” was the answer.

Isabella reluctantly surrendered, and Alice quickly unbuttoned her Boss’ blouse, and peeled it off.

“WOW, that’s… WOW.. and with little Disney princesses on”.

Alice was giggling.

“Uh.. sorry to ask.. but your… breasts? Were they always.. I mean… I’m not trying to be impolite … but… were they always so… small?”

Alice blushed, asking such an awkward question.

Poor Isabella, however, felt her panties get moist once more.

“I… suppose so. I did a lot of sports as a kid, and, well… they… never really got growing. Perhaps I… exercised too much…”

She said in a tiny voice, trying to be honest and to end her ordeal.

Alice nodded…

“Yes, I’ve heard of that happening before. Not to me of course. I mean… I’m not ‘big’, but my modest C-Cups look like mountains compared to what you…”

She paused and “but of course.. let me just…” and she pulled Isabella’s training bra up, revealing her tiny breasts.

“Oh … My… God… yes, exactly… wow, I’ve never seen boobs this small on an adult”.

She looked amazed.

“Why did you ever bother with a bra? I mean, it’s not like they are comfortable or practical if you don’t have… uhm… I mean…”.

Isabella wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. She knew her breasts were small, but having her secretary expose them and express it so bluntly was almost too much for her pride. She could feel herself soaking her panties under her skirt. She moved her hands up to pull down her bra, but Alice stopped her.

“No, Boss, I don’t think so. If what you say is true, then your panties will be drenched by now. Am I right?”.

Poor Isabella could do noting but nod.

“Thought as much” Alice said.

“Now, I’ll give you 30 seconds to hand over your every last stitch of clothing to me. 31 seconds and your butt will get it. Got it?”.

Isabella looked at her secretary and friend for any sign that she was joking, or at least a sign of mercy, but as she didn’t find either, she began undoing her skirt, hands trembling.

She quickly pulled down her skirt, still very aware that her breasts were exposed. Blushingly she handed the skirt to Alice. She stepped out of her heels, handed them over and pulled down her tights, picking them up and handing them over too. She was now in her pulled up training bra, and her princess panties, and her jewellery of course.

She sent Alice a pleading glance. She shook her head.

“Bra, Isabella” and Isabella pulled it over her head, which caused her hair to get messed up. She presented the bra to Alice, covering her breasts with the other hand.

“Oh stop it, Boss, it’s not as if there’s anything to cover. I see that you’re having fun”

Alice said, pointing to the very wet patch on her boss’ panties.

“Hand those over too, please. Let’s see if you’re more mature down there” she continued with a wink.

Isabella managed to blush all the way down to her belly button, but she slowly began to pull down her panties.

Alice followed the process with great interest. She was not lesbian, or even bisexual, and she liked Isabella very much. But she too was single, and this was somehow very exciting to her, the idea that she was in charge of her boss. She had no intentions of hurting Isabella, she cared about her, but as she obviously enjoyed it, or perhaps rather, got excited by the loss of dignity, so she thought she’d push this a little bit. She watched Isabella step out of her panties, pick them up and hand them over. Her Boss’ arms flew back up to cover her private parts.

“Arms by your side Boss… you’ve got nothing to hide, really”.

Isabella couldn’t help letting out a small *gasp* followed by a very aroused *moan*. Alice giggled. She began inspecting her Boss.

Very tiny breasts, more or less little, pointy bumps on her chest. Small pink nipples, very hard nipples though, but very small.

Not exactly a flat tummy either she thought. Bulges very to be seen. It was actually against the laws of nature that Isabella would have bigger love handles than breasts. Strange distribution of fat.

Her eyes moved further south. Her Boss’ crotch was shaved completely bare, and apart from the quite blatant arousal, the smoothness and pinkness on display didn’t show any sign that her Boss was more than 15, let alone 30.

She pointed this out discreetly to a very humiliated Isabella, who felt her pussy flowing over because of the shame of the situation.

“Now, I’ll bring you your clothes back in an hour or so. I’ll go have something to eat. You’re welcome to join me…”

Alice gigged

“…but perhaps you’d rather stay? In any case, I’d lock the door after me if I was you”.

Isabella could not compute this information. She was to be left stark naked in her office? Surely Alice wouldn’t… but her secretary just winked and waved, and then she let herself out.

It took Isabella a few moments to regain her composure. She was very aware of her lack of clothes in these oh so familiar surroundings. This was her office, her domain, her seat of power. But now, naked, how could she have lost this power so easily? With no clothes, she was reduced to a small, blushing girl.

She couldn’t even go sit in her chair, because… eh.. well…she thought to herself… because she’d make a wet spot on the seat of it. She realized that not only had Alice taken her clothes, she had also left her hungry and cold in her own office. Her stomach roared at the thought.  

Blushing, she walked to her desk, pushed her chair away, and continued with her work, naked and standing, until she suddenly heard a knock on her door.

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Work and Pray

Isabella woke up early. And aroused. At first she was a little confused as to her nightwear, but then it call came back to her. Ms Johnson. Her clothes. Isabella blushed. How could she have let this happen? Is things stood she’d have to go to work in a training bra and princess panties. She considered her options. She could of course go straight to Ms Johnson and reclaim her things in an instant. Refreshed, she felt that it was no longer such an obstacle, but did she want to?

She felt the dampness of her panties. That told its own story. Sex and excitement had always been of a secondary nature to her. She somehow felt normal in giving in to her excitement. There was that, and the fact that it was actually a relief to have someone putting her in her place, taking decisions off her. The last good many years every month had meant another number of decisions being added to her list of responsibilities.

She decided to play along, and then see how she felt the next morning.

Yawning, she went for a shower, avoiding any mirrors. She took off her nightwear and was again humiliated by the sight of her private parts being bald as if she was 10. This wasn’t right, it just wasn’t! But many women she knew claimed to shave or wax, so perhaps she shouldn’t make such as fuzz about it.

The water was hot and lovely, and Isabella forgot time and place for a good few minutes. However, when she came to washing her womanly parts she quickly remembered the indignities, as she didn’t dare do anything but wash her pussy as quickly as she could, fearing that Ms Johnson might appear at any moment to humiliate her further. Her bottom was still hurting from the spankings. It’d be a long day at the office.

She got out and dried herself off. She then decided to blow dry her hair, which was the reason for her not hearing Ms Johnson enter the bathroom.

“How did you sleep Isabella?”

Isabella shrieked and jumped.

“Please, Ms Johnson, you nearly gave me a heart attack. I didn’t hear you coming at all. I slept quite well, thank you”.

She managed a smile. Ms Johnson seemed pleased

“And do you have anything else to tell me?” she inquired.

Isabella thought it over again.

“No, Ms Johnson, I don’t, not right now”.

Her neighbour smiled, much like a predator having just cornered its breakfast.

“Right then, young lady, on the bed, legs apart” she said, making Isabella do the impossible and blush all the way down her chest. She had forgotten about the baby powder.

But there was no way around it. Sulking, she walked towards her bed with a towel. It was strange that she was now so used to being naked in front of her neighbour that she didn’t think twice about walking around like that. She put the towel on the bed, and laid down on it. Spreading her legs was a challenge for her dignity still. Isabella closed her eyes and slowly opened up so that Ms Johnson could see her womanhood. It had been bone dry until now, but Isabella felt with increasing desperation how the humiliation made her slightly moist.

Ms Johnson examined her, much to the displeasure of the humiliated business woman. A few teasing ‘accidental’ brushing over her clit and Isabella could feel herself getting wet. And the thought of how little of her privacy was left made the trickle into a small stream. Ms Johnson shook her head

“I’m sorry, dear, but there’s no way around it. I’m afraid if I don’t do this then your panties will be a mess before lunch”

…and with that, she went to get the baby powder. Isabella was close to tears. A few minutes later she felt the cold powder sucking up her sexual fluids and once again leaving her dry as a school girl.

The notion that even the most basic expression of sexual excitement was beyond her humiliated Isabella even further. She felt her pussy reduced to pre-puberty, and the idea of being an important manager and business woman to the world, but having her sexual ability tamed in this way almost took her breath away. She felt the princess panties being pulled up, and she didn’t resist when a training bra was pulled over her head. Her nipples became rock hard as if they protested against the desexualization.

She got up. Without heels she was almost a head smaller than Ms Johnson (who wore shoes, to be fair), and the difference in size made Isabella squirm. Ms Johnson winked

“Now, get yourself ready, and we’ll talk before you leave for work”.

Isabella nodded, and went to get her business suit and the rest of her ‘uniform’ for the day. The tights didn’t look quite as sexy as usually when being pulled up over a pair of princess panties she thought. And she found that she was not able to fill out her blouse in the areas that mattered, leaving too much material around the chest. Right, skirt on, jacket on, better, with a bit of luck no-one would notice.

She re-entered the bathroom and began doing her make-up. She made sure to keep it simple to avoid having it taken away as being ‘inappropriate’. With her make-up done, she went to work on her hair. It was less trouble, even though she needed a bit of chemical help to make it curl in the directions she wanted it to curl in. Without it her hair would just be a curly mess. Satisfied, she went to get her breakfast.

The water was boiling in the kettle, and she was preparing some yoghurt and fruit to go with her coffee. She was very aware of her new underwear, as the feeling was very different to the lace and silk she was used to. The warm feeling of cotton reminded her of her childhood. She tried to fight the feeling of being 10 once more. It was really messing with her brain, this.

She got her very adult cup of coffee and had her very feminine breakfast in relative peace and quiet. She began to look at emails and quietly slipped in to work mode. Then she got up, realized she had to go soon, and rushed to brush her teeth and apply the last finishing touches to her attire. Earrings, necklace… a ring… yes… grab bag… yes… got it.. keys… curse… oh well.. but then I just need my coat and heels. She went back to her corridor by the front door, ready to leave, getting her shoes and coat.

But neither were to be found. All her coats and all her shoes and boots had mysteriously disappeared. She cursed Ms Johnson, not for the first time that morning. Then, grabbing her bag and purse, she walked bare footed outside, feeling very exposed, stupid and small. She paused, and then she closed the door. She heard it lock. No way back now. She took a deep breath and knocked on Ms Johnson’s door.

It took some time before the door was answered. Isabella was quite certain that this was no accident. She was meant to stand outside and feel small. Humiliated, she stepped inside when Ms Johnson opened the door.

“All ready to go I see”

Ms Johnson examined her.

“Have you had your breakfast?”.

“Yes Ms Johnson” Isabella answered. Why did she have to blush all the time? It was a perfectly normal answer to a perfectly normal question. If only she didn’t feel like a child.

“Good, good”

Ms Johnson answered.

“Now, you remember everything? You’ll come straight home after work, ring the bell by the front door and I’ll let you in. You’ll come straight up here, and we’ll talk. Any questions?”.

Isabella shook her head.

“Well, I need my heels and my coat” she said in a small voice.

“Of course, we can’t have you catching a cold, here, come with me” and Ms Johnson led Isabella to a big wardrobe at the end of her corridor.

Here, she saw when the doors were opened, all her shoes and coats were stored. Ms Johnson took a good look at Isabella’s clothes, and picked up a pair of matching heels. But she didn’t give them to Isabella, who looked puzzled. “

These.. you know they will not do”

Ms Johnson said. Isabella nodded. She knew, and the notion made her princess panties wet.

“But…” Ms Johnson continued “we can’t have you getting sacked or reprimanded at work, can we?”.

Another shake of the red mane.

“So, for now, you’ll have your heels. But I’m working towards something, mark my words. These are for adults”.

Isabella could feel a large wet patch forming. The powder had given up trying to contain her wetness. Silently she took her heels handed to her, and her coat. She said “Bye, then, Ms Johnson, see you tonight” and headed for the door. But then another thought hit her and she turned around.

“Ms Johnson.. uh… can I have my car keys please? I’m late already”.

Her neighbor looked amused.

“Certainly not, Isabella, and I be happy that I’ve not taken your purse into my possession by now. You are not driving anywhere. I suggest you hurry and get the bus now. Unless you’d rather have me find an old bike for you?”.

Isabella’s world flipped twice. No car? She was used to driving everywhere. And that car had cost her a fortune. It was her place to relax, drive into the countryside and escape the world. It was her freedom. But she was sure Ms Johnson knew that very well. She silently cursed Ms Johnson and then, in turn, herself, as she could feel her pussy tingle in her princess panties. She waved goodbye and left, to find a bus stop.

Once outside, Isabella started to relax. She called Alice, her secretary, to tell her she’d be a little late. Using her phone she found the right bus, and, in turn, a bus stop where she could get on it, and soon after she was in a bus seat on her way to work. She could still feel the effect of the morning and the previous day. Her pussy was sore. It was not used to this much excitement. She normally just got herself worked up about once a week, and took care of her needs straight away. Being constantly aroused was a new feeling, and she had to admit it wasn’t unpleasant.

Half an hour late she walked into the building where she worked. She got the lift to the 6th floor, got out and walked to the right down a long corridor. Top management was on the floor above, but she was getting there, one step at the time. She greeted Alice, who was in her early twenties and a rather plain looking brunette, who actually possessed a great deal of both humour and initiative. Isabella entered her office, and found that the world had not fallen to bits. It didn’t take her long to forget about her new underwear and her situation, and after 30 minutes she was completely occupied with her work.

Sitting in her own office next to Isabella’s, Alice was wondering. Her boss had looked flushed but fresh this morning. She really, really liked Isabella. There was nothing uptight or posh about her, and she’d discuss matters with her, not trying to pretend that she had all the answers. They had a good work relationship. And that meant that Alice was very loyal to Isabella. But still, there was something about her. Alice got up, she needed to get another look. She took a few papers that needed signing and knocked on the door to Isabella’s office.

She entered, and took another look at Isabella. She definitely looked flushed. Then she noticed something. Her nails had been cut short and were not painted. That was a first. Isabella always had her nails well manicured and polished. And there was something else. If she didn’t know better she could swear that her boss were wearing a sports bra or something, because her bust were flatter than usual, and she could see wide straps under the white blouse. It even looked like there were some kind of pattern on it. It was hardly visible under the buttoned up blouse, but there might be something to it.

Puzzled Alice asked “Are you OK Isabella? You look…. eh… tired?”.

Isabella looked up. Was it that obvious? She blushed.

“Well, thanks Alice. I’m fine though. Just some… domestic … issues”.

She was unsure of what else to say. Alice thought to herself “domestic issues? WTF. That doesn’t make any sense at all. She’s single”. She was unsure if she should pursue this or leave it. She decided to shrug it off, and left the office again, giving Isabella a smile. At least she should know that she was on her side. She went back to work, but it kept playing on the back of her mind.

Just before lunch Isabella felt very good about herself. She had been her own effective self. She had been worried that the excitement would affect her, but it hadn’t. She had gotten a good deal done. Now, in two minutes it’d be time for lunch. She usually went out for lunch, and sometimes Alice joined her. That way they would talk a bit, and save time if anything had come up. They even talked about personal matters sometimes.

Just as she heard Alice knocking at her door, Isabella got a text message from Ms Johnson.

“How are you doing, Isabella? Remember to come directly home. I’ve taken certain things into my custody while you’ve been away and we need to talk about that. Ms Johnson”.

Isabella felt her head spin and her knees begin to shake.

She got up, saying “Yes, just a second”, but her mind was concentrating on what she might have lost. The result was that her right heel got stuck in the thick carpet and she fell straight on her face on the floor.

Alice went “ohmygod” and rushed to get her up. Isabella felt that her skirt had ridden up, and she frantically moved her hands to pull it back down whilst trying to get up on her knees. It felt like a slow motion action, her hands moving towards the hem of her skirt, Alice rushing in from the door.

She didn’t make it. Once Alice reached her, she got behind her to help her up, and then she stopped, frozen, at the sight of the princess panties under Isabella’s tights…
Hi DA people :-)

Now December and Christmas is upon us soon. We've had the first snow here. It's reeeeeally christmassy :-)

But it also means another Women's Handball World Cup is starting soon. And I thought it'd be fun to write a little story based on my on experiences as a youth player back in the day. So, if you enjoy a bit of cheating, a bit of pushing, winning at all costs and the winner takes the spoils, stay tuned :-)

Happy very late November to everyone



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